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Water Fluoridation Grant

  • 23 February 2016
  • scalera

February 29 is Deadline for Water Fluoridation Grant Applications

The deadline for the New York State Department of Health grants for the Drinking Water Fluoridation Fund is Monday, February 29.  This fund is designed to assist public water systems in maintaining and expanding community water fluoridation.  Details can be found at: Grants Gateway ID: DOH01-DWFC1-2015/ID: DOH01- DWFC2-2015.

Grant monies may be use to cover technical and administrative costs associated with planning, design and construction of new fluoridation systems.  The fund may also be used for costs related to the repair, rehabilitation, replacement, or upgrade of existing drinking water fluoridation facilities.

The Drinking Water Fluoridation Fund was established in the 2015-2016 New York State Budget to ensure communities have the resources they need to invest in healthy teeth for all.