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On-Site Technical Assistance To Wastewater Systems

NYRWA provides free on-site technical assistance to small and rural wastewater treatment and collection systems through the Wastewater Technical Assistance Program and the Wastewater Training and Technical Assistance Program both funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service. These programs provide hands-on assistance and training to wastewater systems in areas such as operator certification renewal, treatment, biological process control, laboratory procedures, collection systems, smoke testing, and industrial pretreatment. The emphasis of the technical assistance is promoting low cost, long-term solutions. NYRWA’s Wastewater Technician/Trainers are  Steve Grimm and Sean McCarthy.

Additionally, the NYRWA provides various technical assistance and training opportunities through wastewater programs funded by the USEPA. First, we have one position which provides statewide technical assistance and training on a full spectrum of issues including treatment plant troubleshooting and O&M. collection system investigations for I & I, and assistance with issues such as cyber security, emerging contaminants, and disaster preparedness and recovery. This program also provides recertification training throughout the state.  Currently, Kevin Maine serves as our Water Quality Action Specialist for this program.

We also have two additional programs which are funded by the USEPA. These programs are designed to assist both decentralized wastewater systems and tribally owned wastewater systems. Our Water Quality Action Specialists (WQAS) work closely with the management and operators of decentralized and tribally owned systems to first identify issues and next to develop and implement plans of action to address and rectify the issues. For tribally owned wastewater systems, our WQAS is Craig Catalano, and for decentralized wastewater facilities, our WQAS is Dave Stenzel.