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Sustainable Management Training Video - Catskill, NY

  • 24 April 2017
  • scalera

Monday, April 24, 2017, representatives from USDA, Rural Development and US Environmental Protection Agency came to the small Village of Catskill to shoot a video with our own, Yvonne Tucker and the Village of Catskill’s now famous Patrick Nolan, Water/Wastewater Superintendent.  LaVonda Pernell from the USDA, Rural Development Office in Washington, DC and Leslie Corcelli from the USEPA Office of Wastewater Management were instrumental in putting this effort together and implementing the video shoot.

This training video is a collaboration between the agencies to help small systems become sustainable.  It will not only help the managers and operators of small systems to improve and sustain their operations and improve the quality of life in their communities, it also will provide technical assistance providers, like NYRWA, a set of very valuable tools to promote sustainable and effective systems.  The end goal is to encourage more local decision makers to take advantage of the training offered across the nation where they will learn how to improve their efficiency, reduce energy costs, have better water quality, and provide sustainable services to their communities. 

We greatly appreciate being a part of this training video and for Patrick Nolan’s participation throughout the process.