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Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda Grants

  • 7 April 2017
  • scalera


Mohawk River Basin Action Agenda Grants

Funding Opportunities through the Mohawk River Basin Program

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation provides funding through the Mohawk River Basin Program to implement priorities outlined in the Mohawk River Basin Program Action Agenda aimed at fish, wildlife and habitats; water quality; flood hazard risk reduction; community planning and revitalization; and working landscapes, land use and open space.

Requests for Proposals

Applications are being accepted until 3:00PM on May 24, 2017 for the 2017 Mohawk River Watershed Grants. Read the Request for Applications (PDF, 620 KB) for more information.

From time to time competitive funding for environmental protection or improvement projects throughout the Mohawk River Basin is available through Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Municipalities and 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporations may be eligible to apply, depending on the specifics of the project.

RFPs are issued to help meet one or more of the goals of the Mohawk River Basin Program Action Agenda. Previously, funds have been awarded for conservation easements and protection of actively working farmland, water quality analysis, restoration of riparian buffers, and studies and implementation of enhanced streamside and watershed recreational opportunities and river access.