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How about working in New Hampshire? Granite State Rural Water is Hiring.

  • 28 December 2022
  • ckearns


Drinking Water Technical Assistance Specialist (DW Circuit Rider)

GSRWA, a nonprofit statewide membership organization, is dedicated to supporting water and wastewater utilities through onsite technical support, training classes, and legislative representation. GSRWA was incorporated in 2005 and is a member of National Rural Water Association. 

Position: Drinking Water Technical Assistance Specialist

Title: Drinking Water Circuit Rider

Location: New Hampshire.  Work from home with travel throughout the state.

Hours:  Full time, exempt, 40 hours per week

Schedule:  Monday – Friday; some flexible hours

Compensation: Salary starting at $65,500 commensurate with experience. This is a combination of $56,000 merit pay plus $9,500 in lieu of health insurance. Benefits include 7% matching 401K plan, paid time off, and life/disability insurance. Health insurance is not offered.

Function: This position will support GSRWA’s mission: “To provide its water and wastewater members with professional technical assistance, training, legislative representation, and liaison with agencies through its state and national programs” by providing technical assistance to New Hampshire’s public drinking water utilities. The purpose of the Circuit Rider Program is to protect the Nation’s multi-billion dollar investment in rural and small municipal water systems by providing on-site technical assistance that ensures cost-effective operations and adequate income for both operations and debt service within each state/jurisdiction.

Leadership:  Reports to the Executive Director.

Anticipated Outcomes: Ensure efficient and effective coordination, management, and implementation of the GSRWA Circuit Rider Program.

  1. Provide technical assistance to personnel associated with New Hampshire’s public drinking water systems including superintendents, operators, board members and town officials. Technical assistance will be provided by visiting systems onsite, making phone calls, sending emails and through other forms of communication. Technical assistance may include, for example, topics relating to operations and maintenance, management, compliance, health and environmental issues.
  2. Assistance should be provided to rural, unincorporated small municipal systems, tribal systems and incorporated municipal systems under 10,000 population.  
  3. Train water system personnel (as opposed to fixing system issues).
  4. Prioritize requests to ensure coverage of water systems with serious health/or economic problems first.  Priority will also be given to persons or groups who do not have access to high quality drinking water or proper treatment.
  5. Conduct projects and studies, prepare reports and other documents for and with public drinking water system personnel.
  6. Evaluate and explain findings, for example, of surveys, studies, reports, to water system personnel and managers.
  7. Coordinate and maintain a cooperative working relationship with public, state, and federal agencies.
  8. Give presentations, teach and facilitate training classes, present information at meetings in order to accomplish Association’s mission.
  9. Responds to inquiries from facilities, consumers, governmental agencies, and others regarding technical matters.
  10. Attend meetings, trade shows, and other functions relative to the water industry as a representative of GSRWA, as necessary.
  11. Participate in activities to retain, promote and expand Association membership and services.
  12. Prepare or provide information for association publications as requested by management.
  13. Provides a minimum of 30 technical assistance contacts with water systems per month, at least two (2) of the thirty (30) contacts shall be with systems not previously visited in the past six (6) months where applicable.   These will be reported on the daily log as part of the reporting requirements.  Visit USDA Rural Development officials at least quarterly. More frequently is preferred.
  14. On-site assistance must geographically represent the state/jurisdiction during the program period.
  15. Twice annually, attend National Rural Water Association (NRWA) in-service training and annual conference in locations outside of New Hampshire in order to benefit from professional development and networking opportunities. 
  16. Provide accurate and timely administrative reporting (logs, timesheets, expense reports) and grant/contract reporting as required.
  17. Take responsibility for all Association issued equipment. Ensure proper care and maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer. Maintain an equipment inventory which includes maintenance records as appropriate.
  18. Perform other related duties assigned by the Executive Director.

Working Conditions: Travels extensively throughout New Hampshire. Field Position often working long hours exposed to outdoor elements. Establishes field office in home.


Education/Experience: Should possess, some continuing education beyond high school, and over 3 years of experience working for, operating, maintaining, or managing a public drinking water system. Must have a well-rounded technical knowledge of public drinking water system needs and methods for meeting those needs. Should possess, or be able to obtain within six months, a New Hampshire Water Treatment and/or Distribution Operator License. Experience with spreadsheet, word processing, powerpoint, and email.

Requirements: Proven competency in identifying and troubleshooting drinking water system issues related to physical infrastructure, financial, and human assets.  A positive attitude, superb customer service skills, and a professional and courteous manner. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work effectively with other Association staff, operators, decision makers, regulatory agencies and other professionals. Knowledge of state and federal regulations, monitoring, and reporting requirements which pertain to public drinking water. Proven ability to work independently with little supervision and as part of a team. Reliable transportation, good driving record, automobile insurance, valid license and willingness to travel throughout New Hampshire are required. Pass a background check and pre-employment drug screen. Pass “Fit for Duty” screening.

Skills, Traits and Characteristics Necessary for Success: Applicants who enjoy helping others, take pride in their work, and take ownership of their career will thrive at GSRWA. Must be hard working, self-motivated and energetic and have the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. 

Physical Demands: To perform the essential functions of the position, the following applies: requires standing, stretching, bending, walking, lifting and transporting a minimum of 45 pounds. Must be able to climb stairs as well as be physically and mentally capable of performing multiple tasks under extended heavy pressure and be able to function in a fast paced environment.

To Apply: Please send cover letter and current resume to:

GSRWA Attention: Human Resources
PO Box 596.
Walpole, NH 03608

Or E-mail to:

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