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Does Drinking Water Come with an Expiry Date? UV-C Purification Keeps Water Fresh, You Healthy

  • 16 November 2021
  • ckearns

Of all the things that we consume, water is the most essential. It’s also the one thing that we have to be most careful about because impure water can cause more harm than you can ever imagine.

One question that is often asked is if water comes with an expiry date. Can it go bad? Water on its own does not go bad, but the packaging, storage, and other environmental factors make a lot of difference. For instance, bottled water does expire because the plastic will eventually start releasing chemicals, making it unfit for consumption. In urban India, 12.2% of households depend on bottled water for drinking. In rural India, it’s 4%, according to a 2019 report by National Statistical Office.

Not all bottles come with an expiry and manufacture date and by using them, especially the ones with storage of 20L and above, may affect your health. Tap water too can contain bacteria and germs which can impact your health. Sometimes water develops an off-taste. It’s still safe but the change in taste is because of carbon dioxide mixing with water and making it a little more acidic.

Today, our body is already exposed to a lot of pollutants. Hence, one should be mindful that your drinking water is fresh, purified, and free of contaminants.

One of the tried-and-tested methods is ultraviolet (UV-C) water purification. UV-C treated water is considered to be ideal, as this disinfection process reportedly kills 99.9% of microorganisms. But just making sure that your Water Purifier has a UV-C tube might not be enough. Here are some questions you need to raise when talking about water filtration and purification.

  • Can we install a UV-C tube and then forget about it?

A good water purifier with a UV-C tube is effective for a long period if maintained/ serviced properly. This will ensure safe and pure drinking water at your disposal but it’s important to check from time to time if the UV-C tube is functional. If ignored, you might end up drinking contaminated water and risk your health. Always ask the Water Purifier service person to check the UV-C tube and replace it only with a genuine UV-C tube from a trusted brand.

  • Why is maintenance needed?

It is essential that your water purifier functions efficiently at all times. As it filters impurities, chances are that it may clog, affecting the durability of the product. Similarly the inside UV-C tube also needs to be replaced at regular interval 

  • Can you maintain a water purifier on your own?

It is always advisable to get your water purifier checked and serviced by a trained professional or an authorised technician. Most water purifiers in India are fitted with UV-C tubes from trusted brands like OSRAM. But often the tubes are fake and only a professional will be able to point that out. Please note, all Blue light tubes are not UV-C Lights.

  • How do we maintain water purifiers with the right technique?

1. Get your water purifier regularly serviced by a professional. This will not only ensure the safety of your water purifier but will also guarantee that the spares used are genuine.

2. Check for leaks. If you experience one, get it fixed immediately by a technician and follow up with a maintenance check-up.

3. Get an annual maintenance contract. It will help you easily track your maintenance and makes managing your water purifier easy.

  • How do we choose the right parts that make sure the water you are drinking is pure and fresh?

Most water purifiers in India are installed with UV-C tubes. But you need to ensure that the tubes are efficient and not obsolete. The best way to know that is to ask the technician or service person visiting your home to check for the pre-installed UV-C tube. It needs to be authentic and functional otherwise there are chances of contamination. If replacement is required, you can opt for OSRAM HNS© UV-C tubes that are manufactured in Europe and available in India through authorized dealers and online as well.

OSRAM is one of the most trusted brands for UV-C tubes and is globally accredited. It is the leading supplier of UV-C tubes to most branded water purifiers in India.

To conclude, water does not expire but can be contaminated if not stored and processed correctly. This can make it downright unhealthy. Hence it is suggested to go for water purifiers that are fitted with UV-C tubes from trusted brands like OSRAM. Also do not skip the periodic maintenance, assuming your Water Purifier will do its job permanently. Please be conscious about drinking germ-free, fresh, pure, and healthy drinking water.

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