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Quality on Tap

Quality On TapQuality On Tap! is a nationwide, grassroots public relations and awareness campaign designed especially for the drinking water industry. The framework for the campaign was created by water professionals who understand the need for better community support for their systems. For more information, contact New York Rural Water Association. Here are a few QOT ideas for promoting your local utility.


Village Of Angola

The Village of Angola Supports "Quality on Tap"

The Town of Greenport Supports "Quality on Tap"


Town Of Monroe
The Town of Monroe Supports "Quality on Tap"


The Village of Lake Placid Supports Quality on Tap!
The Village of Lake Placid Supports "Quality On Tap"



Town Of Wells Supports Quality on Tap!
The Town of Wells Supports "Quality On Tap"




The Town of Long Lake Supports "Quality On Tap"



You're never too young to support "Quality on Tap"


Village of Champlain supports "Quality on Tap"




Village of Maybrook Utility Truck

Wellsville Utility Truck

Addison Leigh, daughter of Steve Freeman from the Municipal Commission of Boonville, enjoys "Quality on Tap"

Quality On Tap!