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VA & ERP Plans

Vulnerability Assessment and Emergency Response Plan Download Site

Water systems that must submit Vulnerability Assessments (VA) and Emergency Response Plans (ERP) to fulfill the state-mandated requirements can use the VA and ERP templates below. Additional information on New York State VA/ERP requirements can be found on the New York State Department of Health web site. (
The new templates, revised in 2012, are a combination of templates that were previously developed by New York Rural Water Association (NYRWA), National Rural Water Association, and the Association of Safe Drinking Water Administrators, and modified by the New York State Department of Health to fulfill the state-mandated requirements.
These templates are intended for small and medium water systems serving populations up to 10,000. The templates have also been successfully used by some simple water systems with populations greater than 10,000 in close consultation with local health departments. If your system serves a population greater than 10,000 and you think the templates may be appropriate for your needs, please contact your local health department to discuss if this template would adequately address your VA/ERP requirements.
To download, click on the appropriate title below, and save it to a selected location on your hard drive or network. The files in MS Word format are intended to be completed electronically and PDF files are to be completed by hand. Please note that with older software versions the MS Word file may first need to be saved as .doc format in order to properly open.




America's Water Infrastructure Act: Risk Assessments and Emergency Response Plans

EPA’s resources for completing Risk and Resilience Assessments:

EPA’s resource for completing ERPs:



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