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NYRWA Job Classified

Post date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - 12:25pm
Company Name: Washington County Sewer District
Contact Name: Leah Whaley
Contact Phone: 518-747-6967
Contact Email:
Contact Fax:

Washington County Sewer District II is accepting applications for Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator*.  This position involves responsibility on an assigned shift for the efficient operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant employing the activated sludge process.  This position differs from a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator in that the position directly assists the Chief Operator in plant operations and assumes responsibility for plant operations in the absence of the Chief Operator.  Work is performed under the supervision of the Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator or a plant administrator with leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment in planning and carrying out the details of the work.  Supervision is exercised over Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Attendants.  Does related work as required.

*This is a Civil Service Competitive position. Provisional appointee must take the Civil Service exam when next announced and must be reachable on the resulting Eligible List to be permanently appointed.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Eighteen (18) months of experience as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT:  Must have a Grade 3A Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator certificate issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at the time of appointment.

RATE OF PAY:  $30.07/hour (2024 rate) plus excellent benefits,1,Rlh82Torr4vTU_lGeh2LL25SLp4uIFhXpF6RVgem3deOi4vW0B6pVO2aj_2OUiomhLOvCXJBvfHUDtvorxTVTkaHkbn8K2badSAObKUMPQ,,&typo=1

Qualified candidates should forward completed application to:

Washington County Sewer District II

383 Broadway, Fort Edward NY 12828

Or by email:

Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

Washington County is an equal opportunity employer.


Post date: Friday, February 23, 2024 - 3:44pm
Company Name: City of Newburgh Water Department
Contact Name: Wayne R. Vradenburgh
Contact Phone: 845-565-3356
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Water Treatment Plant Operator Water Department: Full Time Position Competitive Appointment (Civil Service Exam required) CSEA Benefits Apply Starting Salary: $56,037


Has responsibility during an assigned shift for the actual operation of a water treatment plant. Does related work as required.


This is routine but important work involving responsibility during a shift for the efficient operation and maintenance of a Type A Water Treatment Plant containing facilities for filtration with pretreatment or a chemical softening process. The work is performed under general supervision. Supervision may be exercised over subordinate employees in the performance of their assigned duties.

EXAMPLES OF WORK (Illustrative Only)

• Operates pumps, valves, motors and related machinery and equipment; • Performs maintenance work and makes minor repairs to machinery and equipment; • Records readings of meters, gauges and scales; • Regulates and adjusts chlorinators; • Washes filter beds and settling basins; • Takes samples of water for testing; • Makes necessary tests for control of plant operation; • Assists in the instruction of Trainees; • Supervises the work of laborers and other subordinate employees; • Keeps a log of plant operators and related records; • Performs custodial duties in connection with maintenance of buildings and grounds.


Good knowledge of practices used and the equipment required in the operation and maintenance of a Type A Water Treatment Plant containing facilities for filtration with pre-treatment or a chemical softening process; Working knowledge of the principles and applications of physics, chemistry and bacteriology as they relate to water purification; Skill in the operation and repair of pumps, valves and related mechanical and electrical equipment; Ability to make routine laboratory and field tests for control of plant operation; ability to read, understand and record data from gauges, scales and meters; Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions; Mechanical aptitude; Physical condition commensurate with the demand of the position.


Graduation from high school, or possession of a high school equivalency diploma, completion of appropriate course of instruction approved by the NYS Department of Health AND one year of experience in the actual operation of a water treatment plant with facilities for filtration with pre-treatment, or for chemical softening or any similar chemical process.


Possession of a NYS Grade II-A Water Treatment Plant Operator’s Certificate at time of appointment And through ought tenure and NYS Driver’s License at time of appointment and throughout tenure.

   Apply by March 8, 2024 in person at 123 Grand Street or online at:,1,afUNVVXohsPRB10usf5dp44au-okWP9k1nxnUKMq2Wb6ZKi6Mmji6IRh6r0c11VepCBiAUgi0ulfpAxL8aWJQHHfwCfy1-HnQiEC-CRkF-XnoYiDCw,,&typo=1

   CITY OF NEWBURGH – AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are core values to the City of Newburgh, where there is a strong commitment to establishing and maintaining an environment free of discrimination. These values are promoted through the daily practice of professionalism, respect, acceptance and understanding. As such, City residents along with women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and veterans are encouraged to apply.


Post date: Friday, February 23, 2024 - 3:40pm
Company Name: City of Newburgh Water Department
Contact Name: Wayne R. Vradenburgh
Contact Phone: 845-565-3356
Contact Email:
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Deputy Superintendent of Water Water Department Provisional Appointment Pending Civil Service Exam Starting Salary: $122,248


Is responsible in command and responsibility of the Newburgh Water Department; Is responsible for the direct supervision of the distribution division or purification division of the Water Department as assigned by the Superintendent.


The Deputy Water Superintendent is second in command of the Water Department and in the absence of the Superintendent, assumes the complete responsibility of the Water Department. This is a technical administrative position involving the exercise of authority delegated by the Superintendent. In doing so, the Deputy must assume decision making responsibilities in developing policies and procedures, supervising personnel, budgeting, training and other administrative tasks necessary to carry out efficient operation of the department. Policies and procedures formulated by the Deputy are subject to review an approval by the Superintendent. The Deputy works in accordance with the directives of the Superintendent in administering policies and procedures. Must be available at all times for emergencies and repairs to the distribution system and/or purification plant.

TYPICAL WORK ACTIVITIES (Illustrative Only) • Plans, coordinates and reviews the operations in accordance with department policies; • Establishes budgetary needs; • Institutes, directs and may conduct training sessions for employees; • Schedules, assigns and directs duties of departmental units; • Supervises and recommends or assigns discipline of personnel; • Develops, conducts and supervises departmental projects and programs of a regular and special nature; • Directs or completes record keeping methods and procedures; • Conducts inspections to ensure proper use of departmental supplies, facilities and equipment; • Aids in the development of favorable departmental public relations by meeting with individuals and groups to explain and interpret laws, regulations, policies and procedures of water distribution and purification systems and operations; • Aids the Superintendent in determining departmental goals and objectives and developing plans to meet them; • Does related work as required.


• Thorough practical knowledge of the principles and practices of water department administration; • Thorough knowledge of tools, equipment, materials and procedures for the complete and safe operation of a water distribution or purification system; • Thorough knowledge of the principles and applications of physics, chemistry, bacteriology and hydraulics as they relate to water distribution or purification systems; • Ability to maintain discipline and promote morale.

• Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


Graduation from high school, or possession of a high school equivalency diploma, possession of a New York State Grade IA Water Treatment Plant Operator’s License at time of appointment and throughout tenure and 1 year of management level supervisory experience. Valid NYS Driver’s License throughout tenure.


Possession of a NYS Grade D Distribution Certificate issued under the provisions of the New York State Sanitary Code within twelve months of appointment. Possession of certification throughout tenure.

   Apply by March 8, 2024 in person at 123 Grand Street or online at:,1,fPCJXcwfd1qlYqzVviObdXws7JWeVm4milh0yRwz6woy0w1d2pfhwF3TZf3T1apBi3QCx4DctXlaywopMuvIGQCoCuRg6J0S6Y02sdaADX-MPYBY251_T2iGWA,,&typo=1


CITY OF NEWBURGH – AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are core values to the City of Newburgh, where there is a strong commitment to establishing and maintaining an environment free of discrimination. These values are promoted through the daily practice of professionalism, respect, acceptance and understanding. As such, City residents along with women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and veterans are encouraged to apply


Post date: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - 2:42pm
Company Name: Town of Essex
Contact Name: Ken Hughes
Contact Phone: 518-963-4287
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Town of Essex is seeking a part-time Water and/or Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Assistant. Successful candidate will be required to get a 2A / Distribution Water license and/or a 1A Wastewater license.

Applicant may opt for one position or both positions. Preference given to applicant who is willing to fill both positions. High school diploma or possession of an appropriate equivalency required. Work activities include but are not limited to: maintenance of plant equipment; upkeep of buildings and grounds; working on the distribution and collection systems; running machinery; computer skills and dealing with the public. Must be able to follow direction, written and oral. Must be willing to learn. Basic knowledge of mechanics required. Must be dependable, courteous, and able to physically handle the demands of the job. For complete job description and employment application contact or 518-963-7027


Post date: Thursday, February 1, 2024 - 10:28am
Company Name: Town of Bethlehem
Contact Name: Mary Tremblay-Glassman
Contact Phone: 518-439-4955
Contact Email:
Contact Fax:

Assistant Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

The Town of Bethlehem Department of Public Works is seeking Assistant Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator candidates to work at the Town’s sewage treatment facilities.  Primary duties include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

•           Acts on behalf of the Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator;

•           Supervises the daily operations of the sewage treatment plants to assure safe, efficient, and economical use of equipment, supplies, and manpower;

•           Makes daily inspection of the plants and machinery and equipment, directing necessary repairs and maintenance;

•           Conducts or supervises necessary tests for control of plant operation;

•           Issues instructions for the regulation of chlorinators and chemical feeders;

•           Supervises and instructs operators, trainees and other subordinate employees;

•           Assists the Chief Operator in special studies for improvement of quality and plant operations, and in maintaining in inventory of supplies, chemicals and equipment ;

•           Maintains records and prepares periodic reports on the operation of the plant. 

Minimum Qualifications Required:

A.        Either:

1.         Graduation from a regionally accredited or NYS registered two (2) year College with an Associate in Applied Science Degree (or an Associate of Arts Degree with 30 credit hours of math or science) and 18 months of approved operating experience of a 3A (or higher) wastewater treatment plant; or

2.         Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma, and three (3) years of approved operating experience of a 3A (or higher) wastewater treatment plant.

Incumbents must maintain a 3A certification to maintain employment.

Must possess a NYS CDL-B (Commercial Driver License) within 6 months of hire date and retain this license during employment.

Salary range for this position is currently: $67,104-$82,517.

Town benefits include paid vacation, holidays, sick time, medical and dental insurance, and New York State Retirement.

Please send resume, completed employment application, and cover letter by March 1, 2024 to:

Mary Tremblay-Glassman, Human Resources, Town of Bethlehem, 445 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, New York 12054.

Post date: Monday, January 29, 2024 - 11:46am
Company Name: LVDV Operations, Inc.
Contact Name: Carol Lennon
Contact Phone: 518-234-4028
Contact Email:
Contact Fax:

We are hiring

Work in the NYC Watershed

Full or Part time Wastewater System Operator or Trainee

Excellent benefits, salary based on experience.

Great Opportunity for motivated, mechanically, and scientifically inclined individuals. Full-time benefits; health, vision, dental, profit sharing, IRA contributions, 9 paid holidays plus paid vacation.

Computer and communication skills required.

Resident of NYC Catskill Watershed preferred.

Signing bonus for the right candidate.

Send letter of interest and resume to

LVDV is a drug free work environment.

Come join our team!

Post date: Monday, January 29, 2024 - 11:42am
Company Name: Town of Bedford
Contact Name: Kevin Winn
Contact Phone: 914-241-2458
Contact Email:
Contact Fax:

Town of Bedford Water Foreperson January 2024

Due to retirement, the Town of Bedford is seeking a Water Maintenance Foreperson. The Town owns, operates, and maintains four water districts.

Three have groundwater supplies and one has a microfiltration plant. The systems have a total of 30 miles of water mains and 4 storage tanks. Under the general supervision of the DPW Commissioner, the Foreperson performs and supervises the installation, maintenance and repair of a water distribution system and the operations and maintenance of water supply facilities. This is a responsible supervisory position requiring the Foreperson to oversee the installation and repair of production and treatment facilities, water mains, valves, hydrants, and service pipes to consumer's premises. The position is a "working" foreperson and must be available for duty at all times in case of emergency. Detailed instructions are given to water personnel and the work is closely supervised. Supervision is exercised over Water Maintenance Workers and other labor personnel in the department.

Work Includes:

•           Supervises the installation, maintenance and repair of the water distribution system which consists of mains, valves, hydrants, reservoirs, and service pipes to consumer's premises;

•           Leads and directs the laying, maintaining and tapping of water mains;

•           Consults with the DPW Commissioner and other supervisor on technical problems;

•           Supervises the operation and repair of treatment and chemical feed equipment at water treatment facilities;

•           Reads and prepares plans or sketches of water systems and records and tracks changes therein into geographic information systems or other devices to reflect current water distribution system conditions and design;

•           Requisitions materials and keeps inventory of water maintenance materials for hydrants, valves, meters, water mains, service lines, and production facilities from vendors and suppliers;

•           Responds at all times to emergency repair jobs;

•           Maintains all water recording and measuring instruments;

•           Prepares required data, reports and notifications pertaining to the water treatment and distribution system for supervisor including records of time and materials;

•           Conducts investigations of consumer complaints and provides resolution;

•           Functions as a liaison to public and/or regulatory agencies during repairs and emergencies;

•           Assist supervisor with cost estimates, project planning and budget preparation;

•           Performs and supervises meter installation and reading;

•           Uses computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, e-mail, database and GIS software in performing work assignments.

Required knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes:

•           Thorough knowledge of practices, tools, equipment, and terminology used in the installation, maintenance, and repair of water production, treatment, and distribution systems;

•           Ability to keep basic records and take measurements; record figures accurately and make simple calculations; read and draft plans or sketches; plan, layout and supervise the work of others; meet and deal effectively with the public; follow oral and written directions; operate automotive equipment; effectively use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, e-mail, database and GIS software; mechanical ability; dependability; initiative; tact, and physical condition commensurate with the duties of the position.

•           Ability to successfully take the Westchester County Civil Service test for this position when it is next offered.

Minimum acceptable training and experience:

•           Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and either: (a) three (3) years of experience where the primary function of the position was as a plumber or as a maintenance person in a water maintenance related field; or (b) three (3) years of experience where the primary function of the position was the operation, maintenance and/or repair of mechanical equipment related to water distribution systems (such as pumps, valves, pipes, hydrants, reservoirs, service pipes, etc.)

•           Possession of a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State appropriate to the vehicle to be operated. CDL not required.

•           Possession of IIA, C and D New York State Health Department licenses.

Salary is per the union contract, $87,000 - $102,000. Interested applicants should contact Kevin Winn, Bedford DPW Commissioner, 914-241-2458,

Post date: Thursday, January 11, 2024 - 3:14pm
Company Name: Village of Altamont
Contact Name: Patty Blackwood
Contact Phone: 518-861-8554
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 518-861-5379

Help Wanted: Department of Public Works - Superintendent Full-Time Position

Salary:  From $75,000 per year

DPW- Superintendent/Laborer

The Village of Altamont is seeking a full-time DPW working Superintendent.

This is a full-time 40-hour work week position with overtime as needed and for emergency response.

Duties include:
Skilled technical work and Supervision of DPW team -Performs skilled and semi-skilled construction, maintenance and labor work as needed -Drives and operates a variety of maintenance equipment such as loaders and backhoes -Budget preparation, purchasing,  and accounting for the Public Works Department -Hiring for positions within the DPW -Working with Village engineers administration of grants -The ability to interact and be responsive to the public -Ensuring compliance with safety procedures -Performs related duties

Applicants are required to have a high school education, a minimum of 5 years of experience in public works, and a minimum of three years of supervisory experience.  Municipal experience and/or water and wastewater certifications desirable.  Salary starting at $75,000 per year, negotiable dependent upon experience and certifications.

Schedule and Compensation: 
The Village of Altamont provides a benefits package which includes: medical, dental, sick-time, holiday pay, personal time, vacation time and retirement plans.

Applications can be found on our website at:,1,90XldAFZmjo8yO-Bod5Fpa_NXHzimnohipr3nRmOIewUJcN3lNCYMjzLbrtmUJvKs2j0PI_zyc0qs5JyCMyQgLPogh0n8_5SHu36ufddgTAvu6fC&typo=1 under the Village Clerk Department. Please submit applications with a cover letter through email to or mail to:

Patty Blackwood, Village Clerk

Village of Altamont

P.O. Box 643

Altamont, NY 12009

Applications deadline: January 26, 2024.

Post date: Wednesday, December 13, 2023 - 10:48am
Company Name: Harmsco Filtration Products
Contact Name: Human Resources
Contact Phone: 561-848-9628
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 561-840-1753

JOB TITLE: Director of Sales and Marketing

STATUS: Exempt


REPORTS TO: President

JOB SUMMARY: Directs and manages Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service activities of organization by performing the following duties and responsibilities.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following:            

•           Develops and implements both national and international strategic sales plans to accomplish corporate goals.

•           Creates new markets for products through profitable innovative marketing promotions.

•           Prepares periodic sales report showing sales volume, potential sales, and areas of proposed expansion.

•           Provides market analysis to determine customer needs, price schedules, and discount rates.

•           Monitors and evaluates the activities and products of the competition.

•           Directs and mentors inside sales and customer service team to achieve optimum customer service while increasing sales and profitability.

•           Directs channel development activity and coordinates sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals.

•           Directs product simplification and standardization to eliminate unprofitable items from sales line.

•           Devises new ways of developing public interest in our water filtration systems and filters.

•           Directs sales forecasting activities and sets performance goals accordingly.

•           Develops and updates monthly, quarterly, yearly, and two-year forecasts for each product group.

•           Responsible for meeting or exceeding forecasted sales goals.

•           Represents company at trade association meetings to promote product.

•           Analyzes sales statistics to formulate policy and assist dealers in promoting sales.

•           Interfaces routinely with Engineering staff:  Stays current with all developments of codes, rules and laws concerning product performance claims.

•           Advises dealers, distributors, and clients concerning sales and advertising techniques.

•           Delivers sales presentations to key clients in coordination with sales representatives.

•           Meets with key clients, assisting sales representative where applicable with maintaining relationships, negotiating and closing deals.

•           Works with our customers to get the best visual display of our products on their shelves.

•           Follows up on all potential customer acquisitions.

•           Develop advertising and packaging appearance for new products to appeal to the public.

•           Works with advertising agencies to promote products as conspicuously as possible.

•           Coordinates liaison between sales department and other company units.

•           Analyzes and controls expenditures of division to conform to budgetary requirements.

•           Responsible for maintaining accounts receivable and developing strategies for collecting past due accounts.

•           Assists other departments within the organization to prepare manuals and technical publications.

•           Recommends budget, expenditures and appropriations for research and development work.

•           Assigns sales territory to sales representatives.

•           Directs staffing, training, and performance evaluations to develop and control sales program.

•           Develops where required and maintains and enforces all sales processes.

•           Participates as a team member involving all product design and document change related issues.

•           Cross trains in existing sales processes and new sales processes

•           Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned.

•           Extensive Travel is required:  Trade shows, training meetings, sales meetings, sales calls, Domestic and International are required, must be ready, willing, and able to travel at any time, almost anywhere. Valid Passport


•           Supervises sales personnel, product representatives and Customer Services Personnel. Develops methods to evaluate the performance of all employees and sales representatives.


•           To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.  The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.


•           Master’s degree (M.A.) in Business Marketing or equivalent; or four to ten years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


•           Ability to read, analyze, and interpret common scientific and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents.

•           Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community.

•           Ability to write speeches and articles for publication that conform to prescribed style and format.

•           Ability to effectively present information to top management, public groups, and/or boards of directors.


•           Ability to work with mathematical concepts such as probability and statistical inference, and fundamentals of plane and solid geometry and trigonometry.

•           Ability to apply concepts such as fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situations. Ability to calculate margins.

•           Metric conversions


•           Ability to work effectively with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Salesforce and Syspro.


•           Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid

conclusions.  Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and concrete variables.


1.         Creates and implements plans to attain sales goals.

2.         Provides manufacturing with accurate forecasts and variance reports on a quarterly basis by product and territory.

3.         Attains targeted profit margins and product mix goals.

4.         Develops new product markets for products.

5.         Evaluates and coordinates new markets and development plans to introduce products for market entry.

6.         Maintains, develops, and strengthens all distribution channels.

7.         Ensures subordinates perform to identified standards.

8.         Does not exceed the allowed number of absences as defined in the employee policy manual.

9.         Exhibits flexibility/willingness to learn new technologies/techniques, and new processes.

10.       Exhibits ability to apply new processes.

11.       Communicates exceptionally well.

12.       Follows up to completion of all projects.

Post date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023 - 12:30pm
Company Name: H2O Innovation
Contact Name: Sandra Wittman
Contact Phone: 315-949-1868
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 845-473-0560

Health, Safety & Environmental Manager (We would love someone with Water/Wastewater Experience!) Hudson Valley, NY

As a Health and Safety Manager, you will be responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing comprehensive health and safety programs to ensure a safe and secure working environment for employees and visitors. This role requires a strong understanding of occupational health and safety regulations, risk assessment, and the ability to design and deliver effective training programs. The Health and Safety Manager will collaborate with various departments to establish and maintain a culture of safety within the organization.

Day to day

•           Field inspections and audits for non-compliance issues and recommend corrective action;

•           Maintaining HSE records, permits and reports as required by Country, States, Province & various local regulatory agencies;

•           Stay up to date on current client and local regulations;

•           Provide advice relating to compliance with client requirements, local regulations and company policy;

•           Develop hazard assessments, LOTO plans, fall protection plans, confined space entry plans, rescue plans, JSAs, etc;

•           Support for OSHA inspections/investigations;

•           Follow up and track corrective actions stemming from incident investigations, audits, inspections and safety concern reporting;

•           Support Workers Compensation claim management and return to work;

•           Compile statistical data and reports as required;

•           Hold safety meetings;

•           Manage & lead local training;

•           Manage special HSE projects;

•           Build toward ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 compliance.

The Skills We Are Looking For

Degree in health & safety or in a similar discipline;

•           Five (5) or more years of experience in HSE in supporting a team on the field;

•           Experience with HSE Management and Learning Management software;

•           Experience with ISO HSE standards (ISO 45001, ISO14001);

•           Experience in managing workers' compensation claims, HSE audits & compliance platform;

•           Experience with the water treatment field and public works is an asset;

•           Excellent problem-solving skills and determination of root cause and corrective action for safety issues;

•           People person and team player, with good sense of empathy and understanding;

•           Valid driver’s license


Full time position

Competitive salary

Group insurance plan

401K with match

Flexible hours

Reimbursement of vehicle expenses under H2O fixed and variable reimbursement; Twelve (12) paid wellness days; Two weeks PTO Humanitarian Assistance Program and the opportunity to experience life on the other side of the globe.

Salary is $75,000 - $100,000 DOE