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NYRWA Job Classified

Post date: Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - 11:00am
Company Name: Town of Rockland Water and Sewer Department
Contact Name: Robert Eggleton
Contact Phone: 845-439-5450 ex:102
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 845-439-3775

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainee Distinguishing Feature of the Class: This is a trainee position involving on-the-job training to become qualified as an operator of water and wastewater treatment plants.

While learning the duties and routines in the operation and maintenance of treatment plants, incumbents will assist in the actual day to day operation of the facility.  Work is preformed under immediate supervision of a certified operator.  Appointment is limited to one year during which time the trainee must satisfactorily complete requirements for appropriate New York State certification for the plants being operated pursuant to the provisions of 10NYCRR Part 5.4 and 6NYCRR Part 650.

Typical Work Activities:

Performs study and reading assignments, observes demonstrations and otherwise learns the techniques of operation and maintenance of a water and wastewater treatment plant; Learns and assists in the operation and adjustment of pumps, valves, screens and related mechanical equipment; Learns and assists in the inspection, maintenance and repair of pumps, valves, screen and related mechanical equipment; Learns and assists in the making of tests to determine chlorine residual; Cleans channels, screens, tanks and other equipment; Learns and assists in the preparation and maintenance of activity records and reports; Performs increasingly responsible duties as assigned in the operation and maintenance of a water and wastewater treatment plant.

Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics:

Familiarity with elementary principles of chemistry and general science; good general intelligence; good knowledge of basic mathematics; working knowledge of safety practices and procedures; mechanical aptitude; ability to learn principals and procedures relating to operation and maintenance of a water and wastewater treatment plant; ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; dependability; tact and courtesy; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Minimum Qualifications:  Graduation from high school or possession of a New York State high school equivalency diploma.  Heavy equipment experience and water/sewer license preferred.

Applications available on our website or in person at The Town Hall 95 Main St., Livingston Manor, NY 12758

Post date: Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 11:49am
Company Name: City of Cohoes
Contact Name: Mayor Bill Keeler
Contact Phone: 518-233-2119
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 518-233-2159

The City of Cohoes is seeking candidates to fill an opening at the Cohoes Water Treatment Plant (Water Treatment Plant Operator-Type A Plant with a minimum of a Grade II-A Certification). This is a Civil Service position and appointment is provisional pending examination by City of Cohoes Civil Service. Interested candidates can submit an application to Mayor Bill Keeler by email at by Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

General statement of duties and requirements for the WATER TREATMENT PLANT OPERATOR-TYPE A PLANT:

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This position has responsibility during an assigned shift for the actual operation of a water treatment plant; this is routine but important work involving responsibility during a shift for the efficient operation and maintenance of a Type A Water Treatment Plant containing facilities for filtration with pretreatment or a chemical softening process. The work is performed under general supervision of an operator qualified to be in charge of the operation of the plant. Supervision may be exercised over subordinate employees in the performance of their assigned duties; does related work as required.

EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative only)

Operates pumps, valves, motors and related machinery and equipment; Performs maintenance work and makes minor repairs to machinery and equipment; Records readings of meters, gauges and scales; Supervises and participates in the regulation and adjustment of the chemical dosage and chlorinators and chemical feed machines to meet the specifications set by the laboratory personnel; Supervises and participates in the washing of filter beds, screens and settling basins; Takes samples of water for testing; Makes necessary tests for control of plant operations; Assists in the instruction of trainees; Supervises the work of laborers and other subordinate employees; Keeps a log of plant operations and related records; May perform custodial duties in connection with maintenance of buildings and grounds.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Good knowledge of the practices used and the equipment required in the operation and maintenance of a Type A Water Treatment Plant containing facilities for filtration with pretreatment or a chemical softening process; working knowledge of the principles and applications of physics, chemistry and bacteriology as they relate to water purification; skill in the operation and repair of pumps, valves and related mechanical and electrical equipment; ability to make routine laboratory and field tests for control of plant operation; ability to read, understand and record data from gauges, scales and meters; ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions; ability to deal effectively with others; mechanical aptitude; alertness and dependability; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from high school or possession of a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma; successful completion of appropriate level water treatment operator courses approved by the New York State Health Department; AND not less than one year of satisfactory experience in the actual operation of a water treatment plant with facilities for filtration and pretreatment of chemical softening or any similar process.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCEPTANCE OF APPLICATION: Type A Plant whose designated capacity exceeds 2.5 million gallons.

Eligibility for a Grade II-A certificate issued under the provisions of the New York State Sanitary Code. Possession of a certificate at the time of appointment.

Possess a valid NYS Drivers License.


Post date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 9:25am
Company Name: City of Beacon
Contact Name: Gina Basile
Contact Phone: 845-838-5038
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 845-838-5043

The City of Beacon is seeking candidates for the Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Position.  This is a Civil Service position and appointment is provisional pending examination by Dutchess County Civil Service.

Salary is $95,000-$100,000 based on experience and level of certificate

Applicants must have a minimum of a 3A Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator certificate issued by NYSDEC at time of appointment and have the ability to acquire a 4A certificate after completing necessary required work experience.

Job Duties include:
1. Plans, schedules, assigns and reviews all lower level operators and personnel
2. Interviews prospective employees and makes hiring recommendations
3. Inspects plant facilities daily
4. Oversees treatment and disposal of sludge
5. Oversees the maintenance and repair of machinery
6. Confers with and delegates duties to all lower level plant operators relative to the operation and maintenance of the plant
7. Contacts representatives from Federal, State and local agencies as required including the Environmental Protection Agency and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
8. Prepares operating budget estimates relative to wastewater treatment plant

9. Creates a maintains a variety of records and reports
10. Prepares and submits all required forms, reports, and permits.


Post date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 9:21am
Company Name: Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC
Contact Name: Jessica Catalano
Contact Phone: 716-796-7810
Contact Email:
Contact Fax:

Wastewater Operator for 2A WWTP in the Buffalo, NY area

Pay starting at $19.50/ hour

Experience/ license taken into consideration when offer is presented

Job Summary

The operator will be required to posses or work under a NYS DEC licensed operator. The wastewater treatment facilities are on-line 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This position manages all aspects of solid and liquid waste.

In the wastewater treatment facilities there are biological/mechanical systems requiring extensive knowledge. This position evaluates physical and scientific data, interprets environmental regulations, makes decisions and then carries out those decisions. This position requires working close with various outside contractors on all phases of bidding, scheduling, coordinating and trouble shooting different tasks that need to be accomplished. Responsible for preparing, performing, and reporting NY State required testing of effluent streams. Responsible for ensuring the Wastewater Treatment Plants are EPA/DEC compliant.


•Interpret and complies with all OSHA, EPA, DEC, and DOT regulations for wastewater, and liquid/solid wastes.

•Collects 24 hour composite and grab samples of influent and effluent wastewater streams and coordinates off site laboratory testing for either routine monitoring or permit related purposes •Performs routine laboratory testing of influent and effluent wastewater streams for state mandated testing and system monitoring •Initiate and interpret all phases of an investigation for any non-compliance events with the SPDES permit parameters and complete all required documentation and notifications.

•Performs PM and routine maintenance for Wastewater Treatment Plants and plant wide fire pump and tank systems to ensure proper operation •Prepares and maintains state mandated documentation for testing and system maintenance •Makes all necessary process and mechanical adjustments of controls to maintain compliance in wastewater treatment plant operations for both plants •Communicates as requested with government environmental agencies (OSHA, EPA, DEC, and DOT).

•Keeps daily logs per DEC & EPA requirements including related reports and submissions to environmental agencies.

•Manages machinery and equipment repairs, conducts/oversees all maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant, collections and distribution systems.

•Oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the mechanical equipment for the plant-wide fire prevention system.

•Evaluates all generated waste streams for compliance in handling wastewater.

•Must be trained and qualified in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for confined space entries •Perform other duties as assigned •Representative for all EPA, DEC inspections.


•High school diploma or equivalent

•1-3 years experience in WWTP procedures •On call 24 hrs a day, seven days per week for all emergencies (shared responsibility).

•Must be knowledgeable in WWTP laboratory procedures and testing methods.

•Computer literacy.

•Knowledge of equipment maintenance, good troubleshooting/problem solving skills.

•Adaptive, cooperative attitude.

Additional Information

We offer an excellent salary and benefits package including medical, dental and vision coverage, as well as life insurance, disability, 401K with company match, and wellness program.

Fresenius Kabi is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disabilities, or protected veteran status.


Post date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 9:18am
Company Name: Port Ewen Water/Sewer District
Contact Name: Donald F. Kiernan
Contact Phone: 845-331-5900
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 845-331-5981

Water/Sewer Superintendents position available September 1, 2021. Salary position. Possession of a valid Grade IIA Water Treatment Plant Operators license. Valid NYS drivers license. 18 months experience in the operation and maintenance of a water treatment plant with facilities for filtration. 3 years experience in public works. Overall responsibility for a

1 MGD Water Plant, water distribution system, sewage collection and pumping systems. Computer skills a must


Post date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 9:12am
Company Name: Trenton Assembly Park
Contact Name: Karen Serbonich
Contact Phone: 607-351-5372
Contact Email:
Contact Fax:

Trenton Assembly Park Inc., Water Operator Job Description

Trenton Assembly Park is a seasonal non-profit corporation located in Barneveld, NY, open April 15 - November 15, of 49 cottages and 2 water systems.  One well serves 40 cottages and another well serves 9 cottages.

They are both dug wells.  The systems use chlorination and UV.

This is a part time seasonal position that we estimate requiring 100 - 150 hours per season.  Position is open immediately to train along side current person.

Essential Duties:

Spring Start-Up/Certifications, Coliform/Nitrate Sampling, Daily Cl2 testing, operation reports to various public authorities, system & preventive maintenance/repairs & seasonal shutdown.

Knowledge about location of shut-offs for repairs/relocations, and recommendations for repairs of infrastructure.

Maintain MSDS and required record keeping term limits.

Additional Duties:

Assist the committee in preparing a budget by June 1.


Notify T.A.P. of a replacement when not available.

24 hour notice of water shut down for repairs when possible.


Previous experience with water systems and/or educational certifications for water systems, plumbing and/or electrical.

Workers Comp and Disability will be carried by the park.

Please submit a resume to or call 607-351-5372 for additional information


Post date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 10:57am
Company Name: Village of Penn Yan
Contact Name: Melissa Gerhardt
Contact Phone: 315-279-6535
Contact Email:
Contact Fax:

The Village of Penn Yan Water Treatment Plant is seeking candidates for the full-time position of a Water Treatment Plant Operator.

The applicant must be able to operate and maintain a Type A Water Treatment Plant. The work involves operation of and routine maintenance of filtration and chemical equipment in the production of potable water.

Compensation rate is $25.93 - $29.82 hourly rate, dependent on years of experience, Penn Yan also offers a competitive benefits package.

Keys to success include working effectively with a team, following safety protocol, being respectful to others, and having integrity and pride in your work.

Position minimum qualifications include graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma; AND completion of an appropriate course of instruction approved by the State Department of Health; AND at least one year of satisfactory experience in the actual operation of a water treatment plant.

Position special requirements include eligibility for a Grade II-A Water Treatment Plant Operator certification.

This is a competitive NYS Civil Service position that is full time, 40 hours per week and subject to Civil Service rules for eligibility. This position will be on a provisional/permanent basis.

Interested applicants should apply by Friday 5/21/2021 by submitting an application to the Yates County Personnel Office at 417 Liberty St, Penn Yan, NY 14527 or online at

The Village of Penn Yan is an equal opportunity employer and a drug free workplace.


Post date: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 8:35am
Company Name: City of Auburn
Contact Name: Jeffrey Whiting
Contact Phone: 315-255-4141
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 315-255-4735

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator 2

The City of Auburn, NY is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the full-time position of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator 2. This appointment will be made provisionally. The appointee will be required to apply for and take the Civil Service exam scheduled for August 7, 2021. The appointment will only become permanent upon successful completion of the exam as one of the top three (3) candidates.

This position involves responsibility on an assigned shift for the efficient operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant employing the activated sludge process. This position verifies chemical testing and evaluating parameters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant and the industrial waste pretreatment program.

Work is performed under supervision of a higher-level employee in accordance with established policy with leeway allowed for the exercise of independent judgment in planning and carrying out the details of the work. Supervision is exercised over Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Trainees and Attendants.

Does related work as required.


(A) an “Approved Associate in Applied Science” (A.A.S) from a duly accredited university or school in one of the following curriculums approved by the NYSDEC:

1. Ecology and Environmental Technology from Paul Smith College 2. Water Quality Monitoring form Ulster County Community College 3. Environmental Technology for SUNY- Morrisville 4. Water/Wastewater Technology form Crowder College

(B) an Associates in Applied Science (A.A.S) degree from a duly accredited university or school plus eighteen (18 months of operating experience at a wastewater treatment plant (An associates of Arts (AA) degree with 30 credit hours of math or science is considered equivalent of A.A.S Degree) or

(C) a high school diploma or High School Equivalency diploma and three years of operating experience at a wastewater treatment plant.

(D) An equivalent combination of education and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) and (C) above.

Possession of a current Grade 3-A or Grade 4-AWastewater Treatment Plant Operator certificate issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

SALARY:  Salary is determined by union contract, $48,734 - $71,689

The Civil Service job description for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator 2 title can be reviewed at

Please submit a completed application, cover letter, and resume by Friday, May 14, 2021 or until position is filled, to the Auburn Civil Service Commission, City of Auburn, 24 South Street, Auburn, New York 13021, or e-mail Jeffrey Whiting, Civil Service Clerk at

City of Auburn is an AA/EOE.

Post date: Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 1:58pm
Company Name: Town of Niskayuna
Contact Name: Matthew Yetto
Contact Phone: 518-386-4520
Contact Email:
Contact Fax: 518-386-4592

Town of Niskayuna is seeking to fill the position of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator: NYS DEC Grade 2A Wastewater Treatment Plant operator's license and graduation from high school or equivalency diploma. Please see for salary and application.

Post date: Friday, April 2, 2021 - 8:22am
Company Name: Surpass Chemical Co, Inc.
Contact Name: Tim Clayton
Contact Phone: 518-888-5341
Contact Email:
Contact Fax:

Surpass Chemical supplies water and wastewater treatment chemicals throughout the Northeast. We are looking for a representative to help support new account growth as well as maintain existing business. Our customer base being split between industrial and municipal applications. This role functions well as 1 day working from home and 4 days out on the road. Applicant can live within 100 miles of Albany but the closer the better.

The Technical Sales Representative is responsible for growing and maintaining a territory specifically focused on municipal/industrial water/wastewater treatment. This includes providing value-added technical services on an as needed basis to existing and potential customers; including pumps, controllers, and other equipment. Attention to detail is required. Experience is less important than the ability to learn quickly.

Our focus being chemical sales, we support applications related to this business. This position covers a 200 miles radius surrounding Albany, N.Y..

Essential Functions:

·     Develop new business opportunities independently as well as with the sales team.

·     Assist upper management with development of coordinated sales strategies, market analyses and product development.

·     Maintain strong relationships with key accounts.

·     Responsible for attainment of company sales / profit goals.

·     Expand and maintain existing business.

Additional responsibilities:

·     Visit customer/prospect on location requiring some overnight travel.

·     Join and actively participate in trade organizations/conferences such as NYRWA, AWWA, NYWEA, etc.

·     Eventually become involved in other technical divisions of the company such as cleaning / sanitation, agriculture, and pool chemistry.

·     Take lead on value-added equipment services such as pump and controller installations.

Education, Experience, And Skills Required:

·     Four year degree in technical field such as chemistry, biology, engineering.

·     Extensive experience in technical sales & knowledge of water treatment principles a plus.

·     Ambition. Strong desire to expand product knowledge and meet sales targets.

·     Self-motivated. Ability to learn sales cycle then repeat independently.

·     Must have reliable vehicle as we pay a stipend for auto and expense account for certain expenses.

We will teach the right person that is highly motivated and not afraid to get a little dirty in a controlled environment. Our main chemicals we provide:

Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Hydroxide, Coagulants, Inhibitors, and other Oxidizers.

About Surpass Chemical Co, Inc.

We manufacturer Sodium Hypochlorite servicing water and wastewater treatment plants in the northeast.  We visit sites providing troubleshooting 200 miles surrounding Albany, N.Y.